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Studio for Visual Translation

Translating across the languages of ideas, concepts, research, design and code. Together with Product Owners, Editors and Designers we develop Websites, Online-Shops, Programming Interfaces and Digital Tools.


  • Milieu Grotesque

    Milieu Grotesque
  • Kunststiftung NRW

    Kunststiftung NRW
  • Galerie Burster

    Galerie Burster
  • Keep In Touch

    Keep In Touch
  • Savvy Contemporary

    Savvy Contemporary
  • The Dark Horse

    The Dark Horse
  • Corona Und Du

    Corona Und Du
  • Von Bartha

    Von Bartha
  • Johanna Gauder

    Johanna Gauder
  • J*Gast

  • University Burg Halle

    University Burg Halle
  • Cultures of Assembly

    Cultures of Assembly


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This website is a dynamically generated PDF, a file format traditionally known for its static nature and commonly used for important documents such as contracts and invoices. It’s the go-to medium for offline and printed goods like books, magazines, and posters. In contrast, websites are considered to be an online medium. Websites and PDFs seem to be contradictory, but they share the same primary concept: to be a portable document with the exact same appearance on any device, operating system, or browser. By making the static dynamic, this online/offline symbiosis is challenged. This PDF file incorporates common practices of a website, including an interactive navigation, full responsiveness, and optimization for search engines. Behind the scenes, it connects to a Content Management System, and an analytics account gathers anonymized and cookieless user data. It also connects to multiple APIs, such as displaying the date and weather forecast directly on the cover page. Moreover, the PDF file is designed to look like a website, incorporating current and common web design trends. However, by its nature of being a PDF file, it extends the framework of a website. Each page is easily rotatable, zoomable, downloadable, and printable. Its ability to represent dynamic data while being a static file makes it a unique fragment of time every time the visitor loads the domain.